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Default Advice for the one who finds little barakah in his time

Advice from the Salaf for the one who finds little barakah in his time
One of the Salaf once said,
“Everytime I increased upon my (daily) portion of Qur’aan, my time would increase in barakah (blessings). I kept on increasing up until my daily portion reached ten Juz’ (a third of the Qur’aan)!”
Ibraaheem bin ‘Abdil-Waahid al-Maqdisee said, whilst advising ad-Diyaa’ al-Maqdisee who intended to go out on a journey to seek knowledge,
“Recite much Qur’aan and don’t abandon it, for verily that which you want to learn will become easier in accordance with how much you recite.”
ad-Diyaa’ said,
“So I noticed this and experienced it much. If I recited a lot of Qur’aan then listening to many Hadeeth and writing all of them down would be easy for me, and if I didn’t recite then it would become difficult.”
Source: Dheelu Tabaqaatil-Hanaabilah of Ibn Rajab (3/205)
Translated by Abul-Husayn Yusuf McNulty
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