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Flag Green Speaking Against the Rulers is the Way of the Persians and Romans

Speaking Against the Rulers is the Way of the Persians and Romans

?Abdull?h b. ?Umar – All?h be pleased with them – said:
A man from [the tribe of] the An??r once came to me during the caliphate of ?Uthm?n. He spoke to me and I realised he wanted me to fault ?Uthm?n; he spoke at length and he had some heaviness in his speech and could not finish speaking quickly. When he had finished, I said to him, “We used to say, while the Messenger of All?h ? was still alive, the best of the Ummah of the Messenger of All?h after him is Ab? Bakr, then ?Umar, then ?Uthm?n. And by All?h, we do not know that ?Uthm?n has ever killed anyone without right or committed any major sin; but it is an issue of this wealth [with you people]: if he gives you, you are happy, and if he gives to his kin, you are angry. You only want to be like the Persians and Romans, who leave no leader of theirs without killing him.”
Then his eyes filled with tears and he said, “O All?h, we do not want this.”
Im?m A?mad, Fa???il Al-?a??bah, article 64, except for the last sentence. Shaykh Wa??yull?h ?Abb?s graded its chain of transmission ?a??? in his study of the work.
The last sentence about the*crying is in the Mas??il of Ibn H?ni? 2:171.
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