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Feed [TROID] Benefit: How the Salaf Dealt with Ahl al-Bid?ah vs. Some of the Astray Youth of Today

In the Name of All?h, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy
Shaykh Rab?? ibn H?d? al-Madkhal?, in his book The Methodology of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jam??ah in Criticizing Men, Books and Groups, says,

"Let the person look at this great difference between the position of the Muslims that Shaykh al-Isl?m ibn Taym?yyah is talking about, and how they dealt with those who had statements of opposition (to the Salaf); they were individuals explaining the circumstances of those people and warning the Ummah from those people, and this was w?jib (obligatory) by agreement of the Muslims. Then look to the reality nowadays of many of those who connect themselves to Salaf?yyah and other than them, how they consider warning against bid?ah and its people as being harsh and severe.

How far is the distance between these two positions (when it comes to warning against the people of innovation), and woe to the strangeness of this d?n and woe to the strangeness of those who defend and protect the d?n! For by All?h! Verily the position they are taking has many effects. There are youth from the Salaf?s who mix and start to become a part of a group that is astray, and will defend that astray group and have loyalty for that group and have enmity and hatred for that group, and some of them get with other groups, as others have done and live in a state of confusion. Some of them will become jealous of and protect Ahl al-Bid?ah more than they are jealous and protective over the Man?aj al-Salaf? and its people.

O Allah save your d?n! O All?h, save this da?wah! O All?h support this da?wah! Verily you are the One who answers du???. For verily Your d?n and its supporters are in severe strangeness, they have been abandoned by those whom they used to hope would help; and the people of Ahl al-Bid?ah are being harsh upon them, and there is no supporter except you, for you are the Best Guardian and the best of those who help."

This is the state of affairs today between the Salaf?s. For this individual did not understand the Man?aj of the Salaf, and so now you find him in love with Ahl al-Bid?ah and still calling himself a Salaf?, and All?hs aid and assistance is sought..1

[1] Benefit from the audio Shedding Light Upon the Books of the Salaf Concerning ?Aq?dah by Ab? ?Uways ?Abdull?h A?med ?Al?

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