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Thumbs up Eid Greetings of the Companions

The Companions of Allhs Messenger peace and blessings be upon him used to say to each other when they met on Eid:

(taqabbalallhu minn wa minkum, which means may Allh accept from us and you [our fasts and deeds].)
Al-Hfidh Ibn Hajr, Fath Al-Br, grades this narrations chain of transmission hasan and cites it from Al-Mahmilyyt.

Imm Sad b. Al-Musayyib Allh have mercy on him said:
The Sunnah of Al-Fitr consists of three things: Walking to the prayer place (musall), eating before leaving [for the prayer] and taking a full bath.
Al-Firyb, Ahkm Al-Eidayn. Shaykh Al-Albn graded its chain of transmission sahh in Irw` Al-Ghall 3:104.
Abu Qilaabah (d.140H) Rahimahullah said:
Do not sit with the people of innovation, because I do not feel secure that they will not drown you in their misguidance and make part of what you used to know, unclear to you!!!
(Bayhaqee in Al-Itiqaad; Abdullah ibn Ahmed in As-Sunnah).
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