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Green Flag From the Manners of a Wife with her Husband

From the Manners of a Wife with her Husband

It is reported that the wife of Imm Sa’d b. Al-Musayyib Allh have mercy on him said: We only ever used to speak to our husbands like you address your commanders and leaders: [we would supplicate for them when talking to them] May Allh keep you right!, May Allh keep you well! Ab [...]
This is from Sayings of the Salaf - English translations of narrations from the Salaf - the earliest believers, our righteous predecessors, and true scholars of Islam. Selected and translated by Owais Al-Hashimi

  1. I’m the Man [the youngster who puts himself forward]
  2. Secret Tears
  3. Praise be to Allh for this Calamity
  4. Lowering the Gaze
  5. Men on Menses

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