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Books Studying Manners

Studying Manners

It is reported that Ab Bakr Al-Mat’ said:
I sat in the circle of Ab ‘Abdillh Ahmad b. Hanbal for twelve years while he read the Musnad to his children, and I never wrote a single hadth, I only looked at his behavior, character and etiquette.
Ibn Al-Jawz, Manqib Ahmad, article 210.
It is reported that Al-Hasan b. Ism’l said, ‘I heard my father say:
There would gather in the circle of Ahmad five thousand people or more; less than five hundred would write, the rest would learn from him good manners and behavior.’
It is reported that Sufyn Al-Thawr said:
A man who wanted to write hadth would [learn] manners and worship for twenty years before starting.
Ab Nu’aym, Hilyatu Al-Awliy`, 6:361.
  1. Learn Arabic, Speak Arabic
  2. I’m the Man [the youngster who puts himself forward]
  3. Food for Thought, not for Stomachs
  4. Umar on interacting with others [trust, consultation and friendship]
  5. From the Manners of a Wife with her Husband
This is from Sayings of the Salaf - English translations of narrations from the Salaf - the earliest believers, our righteous predecessors, and true scholars of Islam. Selected and translated by Owais Al-Hashimi


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