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Telephone Masaajid in T&T that are striving to be upon the Sunnah (and what the Salaf were upon)

MashaAllaah, here is the list of Masaajid in Trinidad & Tobago that are upon the Aqeedah and Manhaj of the Salaf (in no particular order).

Masjid Da'wat ul Haqq, Diego Martin
Harun Choate 729-7777

Masjid us-Sunnah, Barataria

Yusuf Pascal 785-8585

Masjid Ibaadur-Rahmaan, San Juan

Salahudeen Abdul-Haqq 681-0942

Masjid at-Tawheed, Aranguez
Abu Abdul-Malik Abdul-Haqq 338-7604

Chaguanas Masjid

Contact: Aamron Shageer 789-3339

Masjid Ul Khaleefah, Longdenville
Edu Muhammad 746-9342

Masjid ul Ahad, Aldana St., Princes Town

Imam: Amin Abdullah 7707772

Masjid Rahmaan, Iere Village, Princes Town

Imam: Rasheed (contact?)

Masjid al Birr, McBean, Couva

Imam: Feroze Shah

Masjid ibn Abbaas, Crown Point, Tobago
Contact: Abu Zaynab Yusuf 708-6297

If i forgot any, pls remind me, barakAllahu feek. -- A.
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