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Events [Audio] The Rulings of Zakah Al-Fitr from Al-Mulakhas Al-Fiqhee by Shaikh Saalih Fawzan ? Read by Jameel Finch [Audio|Eng]

Listen /Download Mp3 Here (Time*01:01:06)
The word*Fitr*means the same as*Iftar, breaking a fast and it comes from the same root word as*Futur*which means breakfast. Thus, Islamically,*Zakat ul-Fitr*is the name given to charity which is distributed at the end of the fast of*Ramadhan.
Ibn Abbas reported,
“The Prophet*sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam*made*Zakat ul-Fitr*compulsory so that those who fasted may be purified of their idle deeds and shameful talk (committed during*Ramadhan) and so that the poor may be fed. Whoever gives it beforeSalah*will have it accepted as*Zakat, while he who gives it after the*Salah*has given*Sadaqat.”
[Collected by Abu Dawud - Eng. trans. vol. 2, p. 421, no. 1605 - rated Sahih by Shaykh Nasir al-Albani]
Narrated Nafi’:*Ibn ‘Umar said,
“The Prophet made incumbent on every male or female, free man or slave, the payment of one Sa’ of dates or barley as Sadaqat-ul-Fitr (or said Sadaqa-Ramadan).” The people then substituted half Sa’ of wheat for that. Ibn ‘Umar used to give dates (as Sadaqat-ulFitr). Once there was scarcity of dates in Medina and Ibn ‘Umar gave barley. ‘And Ibn ‘Umar used to give Sadaqat-ul-Fitr for every young and old person. He even used to give on behalf of my children. Ibn ‘Umar used to give Sadaqatul-Fitr to those who had been officially appointed for its collection. People used to give Sadaqat-ul-Fitr (even) a day or two before the ‘Id.
- Sahih Bukhari*Volume 2, Book 25, Number 587
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