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Events [Audio] The Fitnah of the Times: The Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen?.by Shaykh Abdullah adh-Dhafiri [Video|Ar-En Subtitles]

An inspiring Khutbah by Shaykh ‘Abdull?h Ibn Salf?q al-Q?sim? adh-Dhaf?r? entitled: “The Fitnah of The Times: The Ikhw?n Al-Muslim?n and The Resoluteness of Shaykh Muhammad Am?n Al J?m? & Shaykh Rab?’ bin H?d? Al-Madkhal? In Opposing This Fitnah.”
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Allah*has decreed for this*ummah*that there will be from it, scholars who are*rabbaaniyoon*who uncover the faults of these malicious political da’wahs. From amongst these ‘ulamaa` are the likes of our*Shaykh, Al Allaama, Muhammad Ibn Amaan Al Jaamirahimahullah*who was from Africa as the deen does not differentiate between an Arab and an African, or between a white person and a black person. Whoever adheres to the Book and the*Sunnah, then*Allah*will aid him and*Allah*will give him honour.
Allah*aided this religion by means of him and exposed the*da’wah*of the*ikhwaan al muslimeen, this political da’wah which has divided the*Muslims*as they have brought about these ‘revolutions’ with the claim of ‘change’ until*Allah*decreed for theummah*the likes of our*Shaykh, Shaykh Rabee’ Ibn Hadi Al*Madkhali*who has exposed this wicked*da’wah, this political*da’wah*which opposes the book and the*sunnah, it opposes what the*sahaabah*were upon, and it opposes what the*Salaf*(predecessors) of this*Ummah*were upon. They invite to politics and give no attention to*‘aqeedah*and*tawheed. They give allegiance to the*raafidhis*of*Iran*and kill*Ahl Sunnah*and the people ofIslaam*under the name of*Islaam*and*Jihad*as they claim
Download*PDF:*The Fitnah of The Times: The Ikhwaan Al Muslimeen and The Resoluteness of Shaykh Muhammad Amaan Al Jaami and Shaykh Rabee Al Madkhali In Opposing This Fitnah by Shaykh ‘Abdullah adh-Dhafeeri
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