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Feed [TROID] Audio: The ?ad?th of Ab? Dharr about Oppression

In the Name of All?h, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy
The ?ad?th of Ab? Dharr about OppressionM?sa? Richardson explains in great detail the ?ad?th of Ab? Dharr al-Ghif?r? concerning the ?ad?th Quds? relating to oppression. This ?ad?th is one of the most beneficial and noteworthy statements of the Prophet (?allall?hu ?alayhi wa-sallam). It is a ?ad?th that is so profound, so foundational so relevant and so significant that the scholars of old, if they knew it was going to be recited, they would sit up straight and listen intently. It is found in Im?m al-Nawaw?'s Forty ?ad?th.


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