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Headphone Mic Introduction to Early Hadith Literature and its Sciences by Abu Khadeejah

Lesson 1: The preservation of hadeeth and its sciences are rooted in the Qur’aan and Sunnah – the first of those who preserved the hadeeth were the Companions. This first lesson mentions the proofs and brief early history. There is however a two-part lecture from the*Summer Conference 2015 that are the pre-cursers to these classes. You can listen to Abu Khadeejah’s lecture:*“The Isnaad (the chain of narration) is from the Religion: The Beginnings of the Hadeeth Sciences”   Lesson 2: This lesson deals with the important basic terminologies of Hadeeth: Matn (text), Isnaad (chain of narration), Athar, Khabr, Athar, etc. … Continue reading

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