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Green Flag 15 Questions on Aqeedah (1)

Aqeedah Questions - 1
  1. Write a paragraph about our Creator, The Most High, Allah ta’la

  2. All acts of worship must have to fulfill two (2) conditions in order for them to be accepted by Allah. What are the two (2) conditions?

  3. When a person possesses knowledge and acts upon it, then it is upon him to call to the religion that Allah has blessed him to understand and act upon. Name four (4) attributes that the caller should have.

  4. Whoever perfects Tawheed will enter paradise without reckoning. What are the three (3) categories of Tawheed?

  5. There are four (4) characteristics mentioned in Soorah Al’Asr. If we possess these four (4) characteristics we will be safe from the state of loss that Allah is referring to in Soorah Al’ Asr. What are the four characteristics?

  6. What are the three (3) categories of Patience?

  7. What is Eeman ?

  8. Complete the following Hadeeth. The Prophet () said “Whoever Allah wants good for he gives him _____"

  9. Knowledge precedes speech and action. What is the proof of this statement?

  10. Shaykh Ibn Sa’de () cites eight (8) different ways in his tafseer on how to obtain the knowledge that “None has the right to be worship except Allah” Mention four (4) of these ways
  11. According to Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah, what is the true position concerning the muslim who commits a major sin?

  12. What do we benefit from the following Ayat of Allah ta’la “And Allah knows well your moving about and your place in your homes

  13. Write a paragraph about the author of the Three Fundamental Principles of Islam

  14. What is Ebaadah?

  15. Know, may Allah have mercy upon you that is obligatory to have knowledge of four (4) matters. What are the four (4) matters?

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