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Default Re:Hadith 502

The Prophet Muhammed Sallalahu Alayhi was Salaam said " Allaah Aza wa jal says I am just as my slaves thinks I am. And, I am with him/her if he/she remembers me. If he/she remembers me in him/herself,I too remember him/her in myself; and if ne/she remembers me in a group, of people, I too remember him/her in a group that is better than them; and if he/she comes one span nearer to me, I go one cubit nearer to him/her. And, if he/she comes one cubit near to me. I go a distance of two outstretcthed arms nearer to him/her. And, if he/she comes to me walking I go to him/her running. [Sahi Bukhari 9/7405]

Barak Allaahu Feekum

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