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GreenBook Shaikh Muqbil Interview With Yemen Times

As Salaamu Alaikum,

Q: I repeat again my question regarding the number of students you have and what their nationalities are.

A: Frankly speaking, I do not know about the numbers, however the one responsible and concerned with teaching them, Mr. Ahmed Al-Wasabi, knows about it. I personally give three lectures every day. I do care about foreigners who come as I do understand that they are away from their home. Hence, I try to get closer to them making them forget their agony of leaving their country by interacting with them extensively, and teaching the ones who do not know Arabic useful words and phrases. I concentrate on letting them feel as if they are in their own family and that they are all brothers.

An excert from salafipublications

This is what I want Insha Allaah one day for my son and daughter, This peace of mind with pursing knowledge remains simply priceless!

I want our children to pass the test of endurance, strength, and faith. I want them to look for what is more precious than one can imagine. I want them to seek the truth.

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