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Default Will You Get a Gold Medal in This Olympics?

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Just read a very very beneficial email mashaAllah regarding how to end the month of Ramadhaan. I hope that you all take benefit from it and may Allah give us the strength and tawfeeq to finish this month and to finish it with excellence.

When you think of the month of Ramadhaan, it is so similar to the Olympics… in the sense that in all those sports, the ones who win are the ones who generally give it all they got in the last stretch.. whether it’s swimming or the relay… Similarly, fasting for the entire month starts to take its toll the most at the end! Not at the beginning. The taraweeh prayers are full at the beginning because generally people have more enthusiasm and energy in the beginning of Ramadhaan.

It’s only after the month starts to progress do you see the ones who really WANT to catch laylatul qadr and the forgiveness of Allah and their duas being accepted that they DO NOT GIVE UP!

They continue at the obedience of Allah… and the one who truly Knows his Rabb and Knows His Rewards, then he knows that this struggle and the last extra push at the end should be more beloved to him than the athlete competing in the Olympics. The one in the olympics is striving for the Gold Medal while we, as servants of Allah, are striving for the gold mansions and the immense rewards waiting for us in Jannah in-sha-Allah. Our desire for the reward of Jannah should be stronger than the athlete striving for the gold medal in the Olympics.

Imagine if the gold medal in the Olympics was given to the one who starts off with the most enthusiasm! But its not. It’s given to the one who ENDS first and gives it all they got at the end.

Similarly, for the month of Ramadhaan, imagine if Allah had put laylatul qadr at the beginning. Everyone has the enthusiasm in the beginning. But by the end of Ramadhaan, you are left with the ones seeking Laylatul qadr and the forgiveness of Allah the most and thus, they are the ones most deserving to get the Gold Medal!

The race is still not over and there are a few days left so I urge myself, and then, all of you to do all you can to end this month to get the Gold Medal.



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