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Flag Green Who Can Feel Secure From Trial?

Who Can Feel Secure From Trial?

It is reported that Jubayr b. Nufayr said:
I entered upon Ab? Al-Dard?? – All?h be pleased with him – at his home in ?ims and found him standing in prayer at his place of prayer. When he sat for tashahhud he started to seek protection with All?h from al-nif?q (hypocrisy). So when he had finished praying, I said “May All?h forgive you o Ab? Al-Dard??, what have you got to do with nif?q?” He said, “O All?h forgive!”, three times, and replied, “Who can feel secure from trial, who can feel secure from trial? By All?h, a man can be tested with fitnah in a single hour and turn away from his religion.”
Al-Bayhaq?, Shuʿab Al-?m?n 1:857.
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