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Feed [TROID] Benefit: The Responsibilities of a Messenger

In the Name of All?h, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy
The definition of a messenger, linguistically, is one who was sent with a message. Islamically, a messenger is a man from the children of ?dam who All?h has sent down revelation to regarding His legislation. The responsibilities of a messenger — as found in the Qur??n and authentic Sunnah — are:

1) That he is a witness for and against the creation. He is a witness for them in that which they actualize of his Sunnah and the legislation of All?h which he came with. He is a witness against them in that which they don’t actualize and what they abandon of his Sunnah and the legislation of All?h.

2 )To give glad tidings and warnings. The glad tidings of Paradise are given to the obedient and the warnings — which are reminders of the punishments — are given to the disobedient.

3) To judge between the people and resolve their disputes.

4) To educate the people about the legislation of All?h.

Shaykh ?Ubayd al-J?bir?

Source: It??f al-?Uq?l bi-Shar? Thal?that al-Us?l. Pg. 29.
Translated by: Mun?b al-?um?l?

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