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Feed [TROID] Audio: Cooperating within a Community upon Birr and Taqwa?

In the Name of All?h, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy
Cooperating within a Community upon Birr and Taqwa?The Muslim is in a time of strangeness and in a land (the West) where he is a stranger so he is in dire need of support and assistance from All?h, Sub??nahu wa ta??la?, most importantly, and from his brothers and sisters. So it is of utmost importance to cooperate with each other upon birr and taqwa? because we are in dire need of help and support from each other to maintain our creed, our religion and our morality. ?Umar Quinn gives general advice on cooperating upon what is pleasing to All?h and building and dealing with all the affairs of a community in a manner most pleasing to Him. (From a telelink at Masjid al-Furq?n (TROID).)


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