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Feed [TROID] Benefit: Refutation of Those Who Say All?h Cannot Do All Things

In the Name of All?h, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy
There are some who say that All?h cannot do away with the creation. They have no proof for what they say. In S?rah al-Ra?d, All?h says, “Don’t you see O Muhammad that All?h has created the heavens and the earth in truth; if He chooses, He can make you all go away and bring about an entirely new creation" (S?rah Ibrah?m, 14:19), and “And that would not be difficult for Him" (S?rah Ibrah?m,14:20)Al-Tabar? said, “The One whose mention is honourable said to His Prophet, Mu?ammad (?allall?hu ?alayhi wa-sallam), 'All?h has brought the heavens and the earth by Himself, without any assistance. Doing away with the creation and bringing another creation in its place is not impossible for Him because He is all-Capable to do whatever He pleases.'"
From the ?aq?dah of the Muslims is that we always describe All?h with complete capability, without limits. We do not worship a limited, restricted Lord.

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