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Default Letter to the Pope from Shaykh Rabee?

All praise is due to Allaah, and may prayers of blessing and peace be upon the Messenger of Allaah, and upon his family, his companions, and whoever follows his guidance. Thus to proceed:Indeed it has been broadcasted, and circulated in the media from the broadcasts, newspapers, and internet sites, that the Pope of the Vatican, Benedict the 16th, has verbally attacked Islaam and the Messenger of Allaah, Muhammad (‘alayhis-salaatu was-salaam). He has described Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), and his message as being evil and harsh thinking! And this is a matter that is amazing, startling, and contradictory to logic, intelligence, and the reality of the pure Islaam. That is the Islaam that Allaah used to bring humanity out of the darkness and into the light, and out of the injustice of the religions and into the justice of Islaam, which is even testified to by the intelligent people of its enemies. I will not prolong in praising Islaam and the Messenger of Islaam, for indeed the world has been filled with such praise, and the libraries are overflowing with it. Therefore, I will summarize by saying:Verily Muhammad is really and truly the Messenger of Allaah. Allaah sent him as a mercy to all the creation. He sent him as a bearer of glad tidings, as a warner, and as a caller to Allaah, and as an illuminating source of light.
He came with the matter of respecting the Prophets and their Books. Rather, he came with the matter of loving them, believing in them, and believing in their Books. Allaah, the Most High said: “The Messenger (Muhammad) has believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord, and so do the believers. All of them believe in Allaah, and His Angels, and His Books (Scriptures), and His Messengers. We do not separate between anyone from His Messengers.” [Al-Baqarah:285]
And Allaah, the Most High said, commanding Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and his nation of followers: “Say: We believe in Allaah, and what has been revealed to us, and what was revealed to Ibraaheem, and Ismaa’eel, and Ishaaq, and Ya’qoob, and the tribes, and what was given to Moosaa, and ‘Eesaa, and what was given to the Prophets from their Lord. We do not separate between anyone from them, and we submit to Him (Allaah) as Muslims.” [Al-Baqarah:136]
And Allaah, the Most High, said, “Say (O Muhammad): We believe in Allaah, and what was revealed to us, and what was revealed to Ibraaheem (Abraham), and Ismaa’eel (Ishmail), and Ishaaq (Isac), and Ya’qoob (Jacob), and the tribes, and what was given to Moosaa (Moses), and ‘Eesaa (Jesus), and the Prophets from their Lord. We do not separate between anyone from them, and we submit to Him (Allaah) as Muslims.” [Aal ‘Imraan:84]
Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) came with justice, and kindness, and he prohibited lewdness, evil, and transgression. “Verily Allaah commands justice, and kindness, and giving (charity) to the relatives, and he forbids lewdness, evil, and transgression. He admonishes you all so that perhaps you will remember.” [An-Nahl:90]
He (Muhammad) came with Jihaad (struggling for the cause of Allaah) in order to raise the Word of Allaah, and to defeat the disbelief (Kufr), associating partners with Allaah (Shirk), and corruption (Fasaad). And indeed Moosaa (Moses) (‘alayhis-salaatu was-salaam) preceded him in that, and the Prophets of the Children of Israa’eel did so as well after Moosaa.
And he (Muhammad) came with the legislation of legal retaliation, and capitol punishments in order to preserve the religion, the souls (i.e. lives), the honors, and the wealth and possessions. And indeed Moosaa (Moses) preceded him in that, and the Prophets of the Children of Israa’eel did so as well after Moosaa. That is good, righteousness, and a protection for the honors of the people and their wealth, etc. It is also for the spreading of safety, security, and brining about the benefits, as well as repelling the harmful things. And no one describes Muhammad and his Message with evil, except a lying disbeliever who also reviles Moosaa and his Message, and who reviles the Prophets after Moosaa as well, who all judged and ruled according to the Torah.
Allaah, the Most High, said, “Verily, We did send down the Taurât (Torah) [to Moosaa (Moses)], therein was guidance and light, by which the Prophets, who submitted themselves to Allâh’s Will, judged the Jews. And the rabbis and the priests [too judged the Jews by the Taurât (Torah) after those Prophets] for to them was entrusted the protection of Allâh’s Book, and they were witnesses thereto. Therefore fear not men but fear Me (O Jews) and sell not My Verses for a miserable price. And whosoever does not judge by what Allâh has revealed, such are the Kaafiroon (i.e. disbelievers – of a lesser degree as they do not act on Allâh’s Laws). And We ordained therein for them: “A life for life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and wounds equal for equal.” But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of charity, it shall be for him an expiation. And whosoever does not judge by that which Allâh has revealed, such are the Thaalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers – of a lesser degree).” [Al-Maa’idah:44-45]
And The Most High said, “Let the people of the Injeel (Gospel) judge by what Allâh has revealed therein. And whosoever does not judge by what Allâh has revealed (then) such (people) are the Faasiqoon (the rebellious i.e. disobedient (of a lesser degree) to Allâh.” [Al-Maa’idah:47]
And indeed the Jews and Christians disbelieved in the Torah and the Gospel, so they do not act according to what these two Books contain of beliefs and laws. And they rejected Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), the one who came verifying the truthfulness of the Prophets and their Books, from among them being the Torah and Gospel (Injeel).
They disbelieved in Muhammad and what his Message contained of belief in all of the Prophets, and belief in what was in the Torah and the Gospel, and what they contained of beliefs and laws, except what Islaam abrogated.
They (the Jews and Christians) waged war against him (Muhammad) in the most severe way, especially their rabbis, monks, priests and popes, due to their arrogance, pride, jealousy, and transgression after they had changed their Books, and played around with the texts of the Books, and distorted what was in those Books of beliefs, monotheism (Tawheed), and faith (Eemaan), changing it to polytheism (Shirk), disbelief, and rejecting what was in them of laws!!
So if this was their position regarding their Books which they claim to have faith in, then how would it be difficult for them to disbelieve Muhammad, and what he came with of the Qur’aan, which no falsehood comes to it from before it nor after it?!
O People of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), repent to Allaah with sincere repentance, and follow Muhammad, whom your Scriptures have given you the good news of his coming, as did ‘Eesaa (Jesus – ‘alayhis-salaatu was-salaam) where he said, “And (remember) when ‘Eesaa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), said: “O Children of Israel! I am the Messenger of Allâh unto you confirming the Taurât [(Torah) which came] before me, and giving glad tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.” But when he (Ahmad, i.e. Muhammad) came to them with clear proofs, they said: “This is plain magic.” [As-Saff:6]
“Say (O Muhammad): O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians): Come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but Allâh, and that we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as lords besides Allâh. Then, if they turn away, say: “Bear witness that we are Muslims.”” [Aal ‘Imraan:64]
“O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians): “Why do you mix truth with falsehood and conceal the truth while you know?”” [Aal ‘Imraan:71]
“Say: “O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Why do you prevent those who have believed, from the Path of Allâh, seeking to make it seem crooked, while you (yourselves) are witnesses [to Muhammad as a Messenger of Allâh and Islâm (Allâh's Religion, i.e. to worship none but Him Alone)]? And Allâh is not unaware of what you do.”” [Aal ‘Imraan:99]
O you who is called Pope of the Vatican, accept Islaam, and you will be safe. Allaah will reward you twice. But if you refuse, then the sin of your followers from the European Christians, and other Christians who are non-Europeans, will be upon you. Accept Islaam and the people of your religion will be safe, and Allaah will enter you all into a Paradise whose width is like the heavens and the earth, and it has been prepared for those who are pious (Muttaqoon), the followers of the truthful Messengers. Believe in this Mighty Qur’aan, which is the master or protector over all of the (previous) messages (revelations, scriptures), and it has come with the correct beliefs, and just laws that are supported by proper reasoning and the sound nature.
Believe (O Pope)! You and your followers, in this Qur’aan which contains what I have mentioned to you, and it has attained a level of being miraculous which cannot be achieved by any material or figurative miracle.
Allaah challenges the Jinns and the humans to bring something like it, and they have not been able to produce its like. Rather, they have not been able to produce even ten chapters like it. Rather, they have not been able to produce even a single chapter like it. They have been unable, unable, unable, even if they helped each other in the attempt. In this alone is what would call the Popes and their followers to believe if they had any portion of intelligence, reasoning, comprehension, and fairness in thinking.
Accept Islaam, O you Popes, you will be safe, and you will have as your reward a Paradise whose width is the heavens and the earth. If you do not, then be assured that for you is the severe and eternal punishment of a Fire that Allaah has prepared for the disbelievers. Its heat is severe, and its depth is far (i.e. deep). Allaah, the Most High, says in the Mighty Qur’aan, and His Most Wise Book, “Verily, We have prepared for the disbelievers iron chains, iron collars, and a blazing Fire.” [Insaan:4]
And the Most High said in His Mighty Book, “And leave Me Alone to deal with the deniers (those who deny My Verses, etc.), and those who are in possession of good things of life. And give them respite for a little while. Verily, with Us are fetters (to bind them), and a raging Fire. And a food that chokes, and a painful torment. On the Day when the earth and the mountains will be in a violent shake, and the mountains will be a heap of sand poured out and flowing down. Verily, We have sent to you (O men) a Messenger (Muhammad) to be a witness over you, as We did send a Messenger [Moosaa (Moses)] to Fir’aun (Pharaoh). But Fir’aun (Pharaoh) disobeyed the Messenger [Moosaa (Moses)], so We seized him with a severe punishment.” [Al-Muzzammil:11-16]
O you Popes, do not be deceived by the worldly life, and do not let the Deceiver (Satan) deceive you about Allaah. And know that verily your predecessors distorted your books, and corrupted your religion, and they made men gods besides Allaah, and they claimed that ‘Eesaa (Jesus) was the son of Allaah, or the third of three (A trinity of divinity with Allaah). Yet Allaah is far exalted above such a thing, in a most tremendous way.
Allaah said in His Book, that is eternal, miraculous and preserved from distortion and change, “Say (O Muhammad): He is Allâh, (the) One. Allâh-us-Samad (The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks). He begets not, nor was He begotten; And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him.” [Al-Ikhlaas:1-4]
And the Most High said in this Magnificent, Miraculous Book, “Indeed you have brought forth (said) a terrible evil thing. Whereby the heavens are almost torn, and the earth is split asunder, and the mountains fall in ruins, That they ascribe a son (or offspring or children) to the Most Beneficent (Allâh). But it is not suitable for (the Majesty of) the Most Beneficent (Allâh) that He should beget a son (or offspring or children). There is none in the heavens and the earth but comes unto the Most Beneficent (Allâh) as a slave. Verily, He knows each one of them, and has counted them a full counting. And everyone of them will come to Him alone on the Day of Resurrection (without any helper, or protector or defender).” [Maryam:89-95]
O People of the Book (Jews and Christians)! And O you Popes! Indeed every Messenger came with pure monotheism (At-Tawheed), and they waged war against polytheism (Ash-Shirk). And from among them was ‘Eesaa (Jesus – ‘alayhis-salaatu was-salaam). The Most High said, “Surely, they have disbelieved who say: “Allâh is the Messiah ['Eesaa (Jesus)], son of Maryam (Mary).” But the Messiah ['Eesaa (Jesus)] said: “O Children of Israel! Worship Allâh, my Lord and your Lord.” Verily, whosoever sets up partners in worship with Allâh, then Allâh has forbidden Paradise for him, and the Fire will be his abode. And for the Thaalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers) there are no helpers.” [Al-Maa’idah:72]
Thus, he (Jesus – ‘alayhis-salaatu was-salaam) commanded the worship of Allaah alone, and he made it clear that Allaah was his Lord, and the Lord of those whom he was speaking to, and that he was sent to them as a Messenger, and that whoever associated any partners with Allaah, then indeed Allaah had made the Paradise forbidden for such a person and his final abode would be in the Hell-Fire.
And Allaah, the Most High, said, “Surely, disbelievers are those who said: “Allâh is the third of the three (in a Trinity).” But there is no ilâh (god) (none who has the right to be worshipped) but One Ilâh (God -Allâh). And if they cease not from what they say, verily, a painful torment will befall the disbelievers among them.” [Al-Maa’idah:73]
So stop what you are doing O you Christians and Popes. Stop that which Allaah has warned you against of deifying ‘Eesaa (Jesus), and anything else besides him from the created things. And if you do not stop, then you all are upon disbelief and polytheism, and the recompense for that is that Allaah will make forbidden for you all the Paradise, and He will make your final abode be the Hell-Fire.
Do not be deceived by that which you found your predecessors upon, and your Popes, and your priests or monks. For verily I swear by Allaah that they are upon falsehood and disbelief. Indeed they distorted the Torah and the Gospel (Injeel) as I have mentioned to you previously.
And do not think that ‘Eesaa (Jesus) will intercede for you or enter you into the Paradise, and save you from the Hell-Fire, because that is something that is not under his control. Because you all have opposed him, and you have opposed his belief, the belief of pure monotheism (At-Tawheed). And you all have taken him as a god, while he himself rejects whoever does that, and he will disavow himself from you and your misguidance, and your taking him and his mother as two gods besides Allaah.
The Most High said, “And (remember) when Allâh will say (on the Day of Resurrection): “O ‘Eesaa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary)! Did you say unto men: ‘Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allâh?’ ” He will say: “Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner-self though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are the All Knower of all that is hidden and unseen. Never did I say to them aught except what You (Allâh) did command me to say: ‘Worship Allâh, my Lord and your Lord.’ And I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them, but when You took me up, You were the Watcher over them, and You are a Witness to all things. If You punish them, they are Your slaves, and if You forgive them, verily You, only You are the All Mighty, the All Wise.” [Al-Maa’idah:116-116]

So this is ‘Eesaa freeing himself of the beliefs (‘Aqeedah) of the Christians, and their false belief regarding him and his mother, that they are two deities besides Allaah. And he will make it clear before Allaah that he did not command the people except with what His Lord commanded him with. “Worship Allaah, my Lord and your Lord.” So Allaah is his Lord, and the Lord of all the people. And it is impossible that ‘Eesaa (Jesus) would claim for himself or his mother godship or divinity, or that he would command the people to associate partners with Allaah (i.e. worship anything other than Allaah).Therefore, if you all reject what this message contains of realities, and you dispute and argue regarding that, then verily I call you all to invoke the curse of Allaah, just as Allaah commanded His truthful and trustworthy Messenger (Muhammad) to do. Allaah said to him (Muhammad – sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), “Then whoever disputes with you concerning him ['Eesaa (Jesus)] after (all this) knowledge that has come to you, [i.e. 'Eesaa (Jesus)] being a slave of Allâh, and having no share in Divinity) say: (O Muhammad) “Come, let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves – then we pray and invoke (sincerely) the Curse of Allâh upon those who lie.” [Aal ‘Imraan:61]
And for myself, and for every Muslim there is a good example in that, with Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) (i.e. the Prophet Muhammad did this before us regarding the lies of the Christians.). And may peace be upon whoever follows the right guidance.
Written by Ash-Shaikh Rabee’ bin Haadee ‘Umayr Al-Madkhalee
Sha’baan 24, 1427 Hijri
Translated by Aqeel Walker

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