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Thank you Musa for your welcome and responses. Some initial thoughts...

1. I am familiar with that hadith but I am also familiar with the knowledge that the seeds of scared ilm that is sourced towards the companions were such that they even had various interpretations for an issue, and hence different rulings. (according to the rules, the site for reference might make this post unacceptable, so hence no references.)

2. Many also use the same logical not for the purpose of sectarian divisions but to establish methodological practices. Example, Quranities, ....and salafis are not the only people who follow that methodology mentioned, I believe sunnis do the same. In fact I was reading up on the Biography of Shaykh Nassir Al Albani and he also warns following blindly one madhab and for following daleel. But for me, it would be difficult to differentiate for myself as;

- it is easier to follow one madhab due to the massjid association.
- if i was to examine the daleel, I could only reach so far. I am not a scholar by myself and neither have I perfected the Arabic language, tafseer or hadith.
- the best I can do is follow a madhab and a scholar/Imam or make that 'Moulana' in my locality.

Which brings me to a question of mere curiosity, if I am interested to be on the road of 'examining' and learning from a Salafi scholar, who will that scholar be in Trinidad?

Also, if I may ask: If it was time for salaah and you entered an unknown massjid but the Imam is Hanafi, how will you pray?!
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