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Originally Posted by amatullah_aa View Post
Cambridge exams could be done privately, but they're trying to phase it out completely in the Caribbean. CAPE really is A levels just it's Caribbean based (not Cambridge) and instead of writing one exam at the end of two years, an exam has to be written at the end of each year, ie. a student has from September to April to finish an entire syllabus and be examined...which is utter nonsense. wallaahu musta'aan...
Scene. Shukran and also to ibn Ashraf. Now I don't why I did A's especially since i flunked it big time. Wasted like 2 years. I should have just did SAT and go on to university like I eventually did after 2 years of goofing around. I guess this is why I often look back and i'm like 'why did you do A's again'? UWI i thinks..... or to get ah decent bligh - can't remember.
A man asked ibn 'Abbaas , 'How is it Allaah will speak to everyone at the same time on the day of judgment?" He said, "Just as He provides for everyone at the same time."
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