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Youtube A Beautiful Story of an African Student ? Shaykh Muhammad al-Jaami [New DuSunnah Publication]

Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaami: Let me tell you a nice story in conclusion of this sitting. A caller [da'ee] from among your colleagues, who was a graduate of the Islamic University [of Madeenah], left to Africa as a student of knowledge.*When the students [in Africa] came to know that this caller was a student of knowledge, steadfast upon the Sunnah and Aqeedah, they gathered around him.*Having a large amount of students gathered around him brought resentment in the hearts of the Sufis. Thus their scholars became jealous of him; they began to trouble him when he would go to the masjid,* when he would return home, and would throw harmful things at his door. *His students said: ‘You should complain to the ruler,* the Christian ruler who is a soldier’. He replied: ‘No! Should I complain to a non-Muslim, Christian?* I’ll have patience’ and so he did. So Allah willed for the Sufi scholars to become impatient and eventually complained to the Christian ruler by saying: ‘Indeed an individual has come from the Hijaaz and has changed our belief, creating unrest among our youth and has done this and that’.*They brought the caller to the ruler, upon which the ruler […]

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