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Feed [TROID] Benefit: Shaykh Han? ibn Burayk on those who Criticise Salafi Publications

In the name of All?h, al-Ra?m?n, al-Rah?m
Questioner: O Shaykh, there are some people in Britain that speak against our brothers at Salafi Publications and..
Shaykh H?n? ibn Burayk: [interjecting] We do not know of anyone as steadfast in the Salaf? manhaj—despite all the trials which have hit Britain—as our brothers in Birmingham at Salafi publications are, whether or not those who speak against them do so.
We do not say they are infallible, no! Rather they are our brothers, they are the ones upon steadfastness, they are the ones who are connected with the Scholars during every trial that strikes, they are with the scholars.
As for those who want to fish in murky waters and say about our brothers: they are harsh, they have such and such (defect), they did this, they scare the people away etc. Then this is an attribute we know from Akhzam.1
This (critisizing and complaining about Salafis) is the way of the people of tamy??(watering down) and distortion. They describe everyone who takes the right stance during trials as harsh. We do not see from our brothers at Salafi Publications except that they are connected to the senior scholars and that they give precedence to the speech of our Mash?yikh, and gratitude is to All?h (for these actions). [The shaykh mentioned the term (??? ??), this term used to be said by the Arabs when they would see something which amazes them from a person].
We ask All?h for steadfastness.
1- The phrase "This is an attribute we know from Akhzam" is an Arab phrase which is based on a story of a man named Akhzam who was disobedient to his father. Later when Akhzam died, his children increased in harshness and disobedience to their grandfather surpassing Akhzam himself. Until one day they beat their own grandfather, the grandfather then replied by saying the now famous phrase: this is an attribute we know from Akhzam. Meaning that which they are doing is not something new for the grandfather, rather it is an attribute from the deceased Akhzam which they inherited. The Shaykh uses this famous phrase to illustrate to us that the ?izb?’s have not brought something new with them, rather speaking ill of the Salafis is something the people of innovation and ?izbiyyah of old would practice.

Translated by Mun?b Aden al-?um?l?

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