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Thumbs up Drive for 5 - support

Drive for 5 - support Thursday, 17 September 2009

Dear brothers/sisters,

Currently we are seeking to solidify our financial support for this and other essential Islaamic programmes. We have a target of $5000 (of which rent alone is $2550) which we are seeking to raise amongst the community in a way that is easy for everyone. We are trying to have every capable member of the local and international community donate $50 a month (or a number which is sustainable for you) towards achieving this goal. To date, the Centre has been running primarily on the dependence of TROIDStore, the goal of TROIDStore was/is to establish a full-fledged non-profit shop to service Canada and beyond, it is still in the growing stage, profits from it are intended to support instilling a Student of Knowledge in the community and to support various da’wah projects and events.

Target: $5000 [100 @ $50 or 200 @ $25]

Currently, we have 44 people supporting the centre on a monthly basis amounting to $1875 between them or approx $42 a person. This does not cover 1/2 of the operational expenses (rent alone is $2550). We need a consistent donation base to sustain activity, a small but manageable donation from you that can be continuous monthly.

What will I be Supporting?

TROID as an organization benefits the community in many ways, for some, it is Masjidul-Furqaan, for some it is, for others it is seminars, pamphlets, TROID Publications etc. In some way, this organization has been of aid and assistance to your Islaam and we are in need of your kind support to sustain it. Your kind donations go towards the following programs and more:
  • Masjid al-Furqaan & Islaamic Da’wah Centre
  • The TROID Islaamic Academy for Muslim Children (
  • Our Islaamic Seminars & Events
  •,,, contributions to and other online da’wah work
  • TROID Publications (and free booklets, da’wah pamphlets and translations to Spanish, French etc.)
  • Khutbahs in the Public Schools (Weekly: Dixon Grove Middle School, Kipling High School Periodically: York University)
  • The Masjid Library (its expansion and maintenance)
  • Ontario Prison Da’wah Programme (and Liaison with US Penitentiary Da’wah)
  • TROIDStore, now the largest authentic online store in the world with other 2000 products (non-profit – all proceeds support the da’wah)
And many other important da’wah activities, we are perhaps the only da’wah organization in Canada committed to spreading the Qur’an and Sunnah on this scale – we need your help to continue and expand it.

Full details online:

Future Plans
  • TROID Islaamic Academy (Daytime Programme)
  • Translation of articles and to Spanish and French
  • Free CD programmes for rural Muslim communities in Ontario
  • Free Books/CDs for the Muslim library at Kingston Prison
  • A Year round programme to supply the Small Island Caribbean Communities with Islaamic Books, CDs and Food
  • Hiking, Sailing, Sports Days, BBQs and other social events
How Can I add my Support?

1) Direct Withdrawal (from your bank account) - Canadian Account Holders
If you are a Canadian resident, you can add yourself to our automatic monthly donation pledge. In a matter of seconds you will be added to our growing number of monthly donors. Your bank account will be debited according to the donation you pledge, no amount is too little.
Send a void cheque or your full account details and contact information to:

TROID Monthly Donation Drive
874-A Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON. Canada
M6N 3R6
or call 416.243.5320 (we can take it over the phone)

2) Post-Dated Cheques/Money Orders - Worldwide

Mail us 12 post-dated cheques (Can/US/Intl. all accepted). You may also send money/postal orders (yearly amount or other than that) include your email address and we will notify you of our receipt. For your convenience you may send multiple post-dated items. You may send 12, 6 or 4 post-dated cheques, and we will notify you upon their renewal dates (note: for non Canadian/US money/postal orders, it will cost us $5 per transaction, best to send cheques)

Make payment to 'The Revival of Islamic Da'awah Centre' (note: ensure name is exactly as shown).

Send to: TROID Monthly Donation Drive
874-A Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON. Canada
M6N 3R6

3) Paypal Monthly Payment Subscription - Worldwide, Quick and Easy
Using your paypal account ( you can subscribe to one of the following monthly donation amounts. You can do this online:

4) Cash – Drop off monthly (best quarterly) in our donation boxes, in an envelope with your name on it (Local only)

Masha’Allaah, this is good news and good work but someone else will support it I’m Sure?

This is what the Shaytaan would like us to believe, the reality is, if everyone thinks this way, the buck will always be passed to the next person. Take it upon yourself akhee or ukhtee to make an effort to gain the pleasure of Allaah, to stand in line with us to spread this da’wah and defend the truth! Sign up for a small but manageable consistent donation, do not allow yourself to read this appeal and walk away. Let’s continue the strong efforts to build our community upon the Book and the Sunnah, to seek Allaah’s pleasure and to protect ourselves and our Children from misguidance. Ask yourself, what would happen if this blessing was removed from us? Where would be learn? Where would be pray, where would we benefit from this pure and blessed Aqeedah, free from corruption, misguidance or any doubts. Ask yourself ‘what I’m I doing to help?’ We ask you by Allaah for your support. Call us below or email us back and we can cooperate upon birr and taqwaa.

Jazaakumullaahu khair for your time, remember us in your du’aa.

wa salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaah
Last Updated ( Thursday, 17 September 2009 )


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