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Sound Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee Collection - Download/listen

Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee

A brother who is originally from Morocco, he is currently the Imaam of Masjid Rahmah in Newark, NJ.
( Taken from )
  1. Islam
    1. Learnings the Basics of Islam class4-The Pillars of Islam

    2. Learning the Basics of Islam class2-What Does Islam Teach us

    3. This deen is no joke

    4. What is the True Islam

  2. Iman
    1. Learnings the Basics of Islam-Believing in Allah

  3. Innovation
    1. Innovations are more beloved to shaytan than sinning

    2. Beware of small innovations

    3. Consensus of the scholars in boycotting the innovators

    4. Follow The Book The Sunnah Dont innovate In Shabaan Or Other Than It

  4. Character - Akhlaq - Tazkiya
    1. The Excellence of Generosity

    2. The dangers of belittling the inheritors of the Prophets

    3. A Heart That Does Not Pump Tawheed Is A Dead Heart

  5. Knowledge
    1. The importance of seeking beneficial knowledge

  6. Final Journey
    1. Preparing for the Hereafter is Obligatory

  7. Ummah
    1. 01 - Khutbah - Be United

    2. 02 - Importance of Being United Upon Tawheed part 1

    3. 03 - Importance of Being United Upon Tawheed part 2

    4. 05 - Importance of Being United and Legislative Means part 3

    5. 07 - Importance of Being United and Dealing with Differences

    6. 08 - Importance of Being United and Knowing the Ulema part 5

    7. 10 - Telelink - The Means of Attaining Unity - Shaykh Musad

    8. 11 - Closing Remarks Regarding Unity

  8. Dawah
    1. Wisdom in giving sincere advice

  9. Tahara
    1. How to purify yourselves for the salaat

  10. Salah
    1. Six points to check your ibadah

    2. The conditions of the salaat

    3. The Jumah Prayer-1

    4. The Jumah Prayer-2

  11. Family
    1. Commanding the Children with Good

  12. Quran
    1. The Quran is the Speech of Allah

  13. Sunnah
    1. Yaa Muslimoon Hold Firm to the Sunnah

    2. Know leavings the correct path occurs in two ways

  14. Ramadhan
    1. The 2 Eids Its Rules Regulations

  15. Aqeeda & Fiqh
    1. The Quran is the Speech of Allah

    2. The Obligation of Obeying the Messenger

    3. The status and rank of the Prophet

  16. Sins
    1. The TV Is A Shaytaan

  17. Women
    1. Points of Advice for our Sisters

    2. Women and their role in rectifying society

    3. Oh believing women do you know the way to jannah

  18. Comparitive Religion
  19. Tawheed
    1. Aqeedat ut-Tawheed

    2. The Quran is the Speech of Allah

    3. A Heart That Does Not Pump Tawheed Is A Dead Heart

    4. The latter part of this Ummah will not be recitified except by that which rectified its first part

  20. Misc
    1. The evolution of Tamyee and its effects

    2. The path to success and happiness

    3. The Road to Success

    4. Check Your Provisions on a Consistant Basis

    5. Importance of cultivating the Muslim youth

    6. Is There Any Reward for Good Other Than Good

    7. Learning the Basics of Islam class3-Favours of Allah Upon Us

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