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Events [Audio] Indeed This Knowledge Is Religion So Look To The One You Take Your Religion From ? Shaykh Muhammad al-Imaam [Audio|Ar-En]

Imaam Ibn Seereen (rahimahullah) said, “Indeed, this knowledge Is Deen, so look to the one you take your Deen from.”
Shaykh Ahmad Ibn ‘Umar Bazmool (hafidhahullah) stated in explanation of the above statement of Imaam Ibn Seereen (rahimahullah):
Indeed, Allah (Azza-Wa-Jal) has commanded us this (affair) when He (Azza-Wa-Jal) said,
“So ask the people of the Dhikr (the Reminder), if you do not know.” [Soorah al-Anbiyaa`:7]
Allah commanded us to ask the people of the Dhikr (the Reminder), and the Salafus Saalih clarified that the ‘Ulamaa` are the people of the Dhikr. So Allah (Azza-Wa-Jal) specifying the ‘Ulamaa` as (those) to be asked is evidence that others besides them are not to be asked. And likewise, Imaams Bukhaari and Muslimreported in the Saheehayn on the authority of ‘Aa`ishah (radhiyAllahu ‘anhaa) that the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) recited the statement of Allah (Azza-Wa-Jal), “It is He Who has sent down to you (Muhammad) the Book (this Qur’aan).
In it are Verses that are entirely clear, they are the foundations of the Book [and those are the Verses of Al-Ahkaam (commandments, etc.), Al-Faraa'id (obligatory duties) and Al-Hudud (legal laws for the punishment of thieves, adulterers, etc.)]; and others not entirely clear. So as for those in whose hearts there is a deviation (from the truth) they follow that which is not entirely clear thereof, seeking Al-Fitnah (polytheism and trials, etc.), and seeking for its hidden meanings, but none knows its hidden meanings save Allah.” [Soorah Aali ‘Imraan: 7]
(Then after reciting the above ayah), he (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: “If you see those who follow thereof that is not entirely clear, then they are those whom Allaah has named [as having deviation from the truth]. So beware of them.” [Reported by Bukhaari in Kitaab At-Tafseer]
In this hadeeth is a warning against a people who give out knowledge, teach and issue verdicts. So their condition must be known.
Imaam Nawawi (rahimahullah) said, ”In this hadeeth is a warning against mixing with the people of deviation, the people of bid’ah and those who seek after the difficult affairs (of the Religion), seeking by it fitnah. So they are not to be consented to, rather (they are to be) restrained and subdued just as ‘Umar Ibnul Khattaab (radhiyAllahu ‘anhu) subdued Sabee Ibn Asl when he sought after the Mutashaabih (the unclear verses).
Our Shaykh Muhammad al-Imaam (hafidhahullah) will admonish us concerning this critical matter and highlight for us the gravity of being lax with respect to who we take knowledge from.
We ask Allah, Al-Haqq to show us the truth and make it easy for us to follow it and show us the falsehood and make it easy for us to distance ourselves from it.
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