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Old 16Dec2006, 04:22 PM   #1
Ibn Shareef
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Default I say: Salaamun 'Alaikum

When those who believe in Our Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) come to you, say: "Salâmun 'Alaikum" (peace be on you); your Lord has written Mercy for Himself, so that, if any of you does evil in ignorance, and thereafter repents and does righteous good deeds (by obeying Allâh), then surely, He is Oft*Forgiving, Most Merciful. (6:54)

Salaamun 'Alaikum wa Rahmatullah brothers and sisters

I bring with me some glad tidings inshaaAllah

On the authority of Abu Dharr(May Allaah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allaah, salallahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Someone came to me from my Lord, and he informed me (or he said: he gave me glad tidings) that whoever dies from my Ummah not joining others in worship with Allaah, will enter Jannah" I(Abu Dharr) said: Even if he fornicates and steals? He said: Even if he fornicates and steals."
Collected by Imaam Al Bukhaaree in his Saheeh, in the Book of Funerals.

Baarakallahu feekum
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Abu Abdur-Rahmaan
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glad to see you joined..
Sahih al-Bukhari No. 6057. Narrated Aisha (ra):The Prophet was asked, "What deeds are loved most by Allah?" He said, "The most regular constant deeds even though they may be few." He added, 'Don't take upon yourselves, except the deeds which are within your ability." Reciter: al-Ajmy...Surah al-Faatihah - (The Opening: First Chapter of the Quran) (The text) | Ayatul Kursee (reciter: as-Shuraym; Tafseer;)

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\"O you who believe! Be patient, and excel in patience, and remain steadfast and fear Allah, that you may be successful.\" (Qur\'an-Chapter 3:Verse 200)
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"Or think you that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you?They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said, "When (will come) the Help of Allah?" Yes! Certainly,the Help of Allah is near! " (Surah2:214).
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wa alaikumus salam wa rahmatulahi wa baakatuhu
Subhan Allah
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