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Benefit: Hiding behind Al-Albaanee, Ibn Baaz, Ibn 'Uthaymeen? - TriniMuslims.com (Trinidad and Tobago)

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Default Benefit: Hiding behind Al-Albaanee, Ibn Baaz, Ibn 'Uthaymeen?

In the Name of Allaah...Something came to my mind about a question I was asked the...

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UmmSufyaanFatimah (28Dec2010)
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Post Re: Benefit: Hiding behind Al-Albaanee, Ibn Baaz, Ibn 'Uthaymeen?

Jazakallahu Khair Ya Musa,

We also hear many people who try to make a difference between the Manhaj of the Ulama of Yemen and the Ulama of Sa'udi in Trinidad. They would make such statements such as:

- The Yemenis are too strict on certain issues.

- So and so is Hizbee to the 'Ulama of Yemen.


And this is only because we accept the Haqq from the evidences. And to this I put the answer of Shaikh Abdul Hameed Al Hajoori to a question I posed to him recently:

بعض الناس قالوا أن الثابتين على السنة متحزبون لمشايخ اليمن ما قولك في هذا؟

3. Some people say that those who are firm upon the Sunnah are partisan to the Yemeni scholars. What is your statement about this?
ابو: هذا قول غير صحيح نحن متعصبون للحق ولمنهج السلف لا لذوات المشياخ والذين يدافعون عن الحزبيين يتعصبون لمنهج التمييع

Answer (3) : This is an incorrect statement. We are partisan to the truth and the Manhaj of the Salaf not to the scholars themselves. And those who defend the Hizbeeyeen (partisans) are upon Tamyee' (softening the Manhaj)
May Allah make us see the truth as truth and falsehood as falsehood.
Shaikh Rabee' said: It is upon you to place emphasis on your time. It is compulsory for a Salafi student of knowledge to not waste his time.
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Default Re: Benefit: Hiding behind Al-Albaanee, Ibn Baaz, Ibn 'Uthaymeen?

Jazaakallahu khairan ya akhi.

May Allah bless you.
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