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Assalaamu Alaikum -from Tacarigua 11Dec2006 09:08 PM

post by Rainbow
Assalaamu Alaikum ,
Well I just joined and I must say that I really appreciate the hard work and dedication put in by those responsible for this site. Keep up the great work...! :)

11Dec2006 09:28 PM

post by FaTiMaH

11Dec2006 10:11 PM

post by
Wa Alaikum As Salaam

And we all appreciate the ppl behind the efforts, may Allah bless them all :!:

12Dec2006 01:04 AM

post by Servant


Glad to see you joined :)

12Dec2006 08:51 AM

post by HadiyahAli
Wa Alaikum Salaam

welcome welcome !

12Dec2006 09:47 AM

post by Shanaz
wa alaikum as salaam sis

12Dec2006 10:07 AM

post by saara555
Wa alikumu salaam!!! :P

12Dec2006 02:01 PM

post by Umm Safiyyah
:ws2: welcome

12Dec2006 05:02 PM

post by Yahiyya
:ws2: Fellow sister from Tacarigua :)

12Dec2006 09:14 PM

post by nikaahlinkcrew
Wa 'alaikumussalaam :D

12Dec2006 09:18 PM

post by Tasneem
Salaams Sis. Ranada :D

13Dec2006 06:30 AM

post by s.a.h.
hey wa alaikum assalaam Ranada!

Thanks...! 13Dec2006 07:33 AM

post by Rainbow

Thank you all for the very warm welcome.....!

13Dec2006 08:16 AM

post by Safa
:aa: :D one more sister I have to meet at the next lime :wink:

14Dec2006 03:17 AM

post by Shal
:wswrwb: Welcome sis :) :!:

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