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Default During the Illustrious Days of Islam, Arabic was the Dominant Language ? Explained by Shaykh Uthaymeen

Shaykh Uthaymeen:*
Do you not know that the religion of Islam—during its illustrious days—do you not know that foreign nations, meaning those who did not speak the Arabic language; became what? They became Arabs; they rushed to learn the Arabic language. Rather there were even from these people, those who were Imaams in the language. Al-Fayrooz Abaadi, may Allah have mercy upon him, was from Persia. Despite this, he authored the lexicon Al Muheet, which the people return to today for the Arabic language. This is because the weak always imitate the strong. Thus when Islam was strong, the Arabic language became prevalent and the people rushed to learn it.
The situation is completely different now. It is such that if a person studies the letters of the English language—let alone studying how to compose words into a sentence—he becomes proud and boastful. Rather some of them teach their children the English language. If the child wants to give the salaam his father says: ‘No, do not say, As salaamu aliakum, say—bye bye.’
What is bye-bye? This is because ‘bye-bye’ is the language of the people who have the superiority which they possess, while we are weak. Has it reached this level? The child says: ‘Ma Salaama, go in the trust of Allah, Salaamu aliakum’; (and the parent tells him to say) ‘bye-bye’.
With Allah help is sought. Why is this? This is because his father is the one who taught him this. And the child lives based upon what his father teaches him.
At any rate I say O brothers I say; it is obligatory upon us to seek strength and might with our religion. This is because the might belongs to Allah, to His Messenger, and to the believers. And we should not follow behind them in the affairs which have no benefit to us. As for following them in industrial matters and that which Allah has placed on the earth as a benefit; then this is not criticized. Rather this is encouraged, and we can be leaders in this, along with the establishment your religion.
Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee
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