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Feed [TROID] Benefit: The Sunnah of Tasb??

In the Name of All?h, the Ever Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy
Shaykh Mu?ammad N??ir al-D?n al-Alb?n?: Whoever makes tasb?? [counting sub?an All?h as the prophet ?allá All?hu ?alayhi wa-sallam did with his fingers] with his left hand has opposed [the sunnah]. Whoever makes tasb?? with both of his hands like many of the people do, then he has mixed between a correct action and an incorrect action; perhaps All?h will pardon him. Lastly, whoever specifies his tasb?? with only his right hand has indeed been guided and achieved the sunnah of al-Mu??afá (?allá All?hu ?alayhi wa-sallam).

Source: ?a??? al-Adab al-Mufrad pg. 471.
Translated by: Mun?b al-?um?l?

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