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Flag Green The Correct Reaction to Knowledge

The Correct Reaction to Knowledge

Ayy?b Al-Sakhtiy?n? reports that Ab? Qil?bah – All?h have mercy on him – said:
O Ayy?b, when All?h brings about knowledge for you, bring about worship of him, and do not let your [sole] concern be to narrate it.
Ibn ?Abd Al-Barr, J?mi? Bay?n Al-?Ilm, article 1279.
It is reported that the inscription on the ring of ?usayn b. ?Al? – All?h be pleased with them – read:
You know, so now act (????? ?????).
Op. cit. article 1280.
  1. The Age of Knowledge
  2. Studying Manners
  3. The Behavior of The Seeker of Knowledge
  4. Sincere and Correct
  5. Two Requirements for Knowledge

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