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Default Hisn Al Muslim - Text, Translation, Transliterations, Audio

Hisn Al Muslim - Text, Translation, Transliterations, Audio

The Following link collection is unique in the sense that it has Arabic Text, Translation, Transliterations, Audio and dua are organized topic wise, theme wise and alphabetetical wise and easy to read in html frames. []

Fortress of The Muslim - Hisn Al Muslim - Saaed Al Qahtaani - 57 [Frames HTML Version] [PDF] [Book]
Invocations from the Qur'an & Sunnah. Translation of Hisnul-Muslim. (aka 'Citadel of the Believer').This is a very beautiful booklet consists of many authentic Dua's (supplications) for a Muslim to supplicate on a daily basis and on special occasions.

Hisn Al Muslim
Min Athkar Al Kitaab Was Sunnah
by Sa'eed Al Qahtani

Listen To All the Supplications

You can view the list of supplications in different ways
1. Alphabetical Index - the supplications are listed by topics2. Themes
- the topics are classified under a few categories
- all links refer to the topics listed in the alphabetical index
3. Table of Contents
- the supplications are listed as they appeared in the book
- all links refer to the topics listed in the alphabetical index
4. Supplications Relating to Prayer Performance
- compulsory and optional du'a relating to prayer performance
- there are often more than one optional du'a in a section, it is good to learn a few as it is sunnah to vary the optional du'a used during prayer performance
- the file has audio file link for the supplications relating to prayer
the file had many graphics and might be slow to open
Please refer to the Transliteration Table for the pronounciation
Sound Files
Three options ->
- listen while reading a few du'a: open a link and click on "Listen"- listen while reading the supplications related to Prayer
- Listen while reading the pdf file for all the du'a
Alphabetical Index
AblutionsDeath Burial - Graves Favor - Forgiveness Night Time - Dreams Protection
AdhanDeath Closing of Eyes Food - Eating One We Insulted Qunut
Against Enemy Death Condoleances Garment Praising a Muslim Rain Weather
Anger Death Funerals Gatherings Prayer Al Istikhaarah Shirk Fear of
Animals Debt Gift Prayer Beginning Shirk Omens
Anxiety Sorrow Devil Whisperings Glorifying Allaah Prayer Bowing Sickness
Bathroom Dhikr Before Sleeping Greeting Prayer Concentration Sin
Calamity Dhikr Morning Evening Hajj Prayer Before Salaam Sneezing
Children Dhikr Morning Evening 2 Home - Leaving - Entering Prayer After Salaam Stricken by Mishap
Dajjal Difficulties Love for Allaah's Sake Prayer - Witr Travel
DistressDoubt in Faith Marriage Prayers on the Prophet Waking Up
.Enemy Authority Mosque Prayer Prostrating When another is Tested
.Fasting News - Startled Prayer Tashahhud & After .

Hisn Muslim Themes
Death - IllnessDaily LifeFaith - ProtectionFeelings - TrialsPrayerDhikr - Sleep
Burial - Visiting Graves Animals Against Enemy Anger Ablutions Dhikr Before Sleeping
Closing Eyes of Deceased Bathroom Devil Whisperings Anxiety Sorrow Distress Adhan Dhikr Morning Evening
Condoleances ChildrenDoubt in Faith Calamity Concentration Dhikr Morning Evening 2
Funerals Fasting Enemy Authority Dajjal Beginning of Salah Glorifying Allaah
Sickness Food Eating Greeting Debt Bowing Home - Leaving - Entering
.Garment Hajj Difficulties Prostrating Mosque
.Gatherings Love for Allaah's Sake Favor - Forgiveness
Tashahhud & After Prayers on the Prophet
.Gift ProtectionNews - Startled Before Salaam Night Time - Dreams
.Marriage Shirk Fear of One We Insulted After SalaamWaking Up
.Rain Weather Shirk Omens Praising a MuslimAl Istikhaarah .
.Sneezing Sin Stricken by Mishap Qunut .
.Travel .When another is Tested Witr .

Table of Contents
# of Dua Numberand Title of SectionPages
..Transliteration Table1 and 2
1 to 41When waking up2 and 3
52When wearing a garment3
63When wearing a new garment3
7 and 84Said to someone wearing a new garment3
95Before undressing3
106Before entering the toilet3
117After leaving the toilet3
128When starting ablution3
13 to 15 9Upon completion of the ablution4
16 and 17 10When leaving the home4 and 5
1811Upon entering the home5
1912When going to the mosque5
2013Upon entering the mosque5
2114Upon leaving the mosque5
22 to 2615Related to the Adhan5 and 6
27 to 3216At the start of the prayer after takbeer6 to 9
33 to 3717While bowing in prayer9 and 10
38 to 4018Upon rising from the bowing position10
41 to 4719While prostrating10 and 11
48 and 4920Between the two prostrations11 and 12
50 and 5121When prostrating due to recitation of the Quran12
5222The Tashahhud12 and 13
53 and 5423Prayers upon the prophet(saw) after the tashahhud13
55 to 6524Said after the last tashahhud and before salaam13 to 15
66 to 7325Remembrance after salaam15 to 18
7426For seeking guidance in forming a decision or choosing the proper course, etc Al Istikhaarah18 and 19
75 to 9427Remembrance said in the morning and evening and part 219 to 25
95 to 10728Remembrance before sleeping25 to 28
10829When turning over during the night28
10930Upon experiencing unrest, fear, apprehensiveness and the like during sleep28
110 and 11131Upon seeing a good dream or a bad dream28
112 to 11432Qunoot al Witr28 and 29
11533Remembrance immediately after salaam of the witr prayer30
116 to 11734For anxiety and sorrow30
118 to 12135For one in distress31
122 to 12436Upon encountering an enemy or those of authority31 and 32
125 to 12737For one afflicted with doubt in his faith32
128 and 12938Settling a debt32
13039For one afflicted by whisperings in prayer or recitation32 and 33
13140For one whose affairs have become difficult33
13241Upon committing a sin33
133 to 13542For expelling the devil and his whisperings33
136 and 13743When stricken with a mishap or overtaken by an affair33 and 34
13844Placing children under Allaah's protection34
139 and 14045When visiting the sick34
14146Excellence of visiting the sick34
142 to 14447Dua of the sick who have renounced all hope of life34 and 35
14548Instruction for the one nearing death35
14649For one afflicted by a calamity35
14750When closing the eyes of the deseased35 and 36
148 to 15151For the deceased at the funeral prayer36 and 37
152 and 15352For advancement of reward during the funeral prayer37
15453Condoleances37 and 38
15554Placing the deceased in the grave38
15655After burying the deceased38
15756Visiting graves38
158 and 15957Prayer said during a wind storm38
16058Upon hearing thunder38 and 39
161 to 16359For rain39
16460When it rains39
16561After rainfall39
16662Asking for clear skies39
16763Upon sighting the crescent moon39 and 40
168 and 16964Upon breaking fast40
170 and 17165Before eating40
172 and 17366Upon completing the meal40 and 41
17467Dua of the guest for the host41
17568Said to one offering a drink or to one who intended to do that41
17669Said when breaking fast in someone's home41
17770Said by one fasting when presented with food and does not break his fast41
17871Said upon seeing the early or premature fruit42
17972Said upon sneezing42
18073Said to the newlywed42
18174Groom's supplication on the wedding night or when buying an animal42
18275Before sexual intercourse43
18376When angry43
18477Said upon seeing someone in trial or tribulation43
18578Remembrance said at a sitting or gathering ... etc43
18679For the expiation of sins at the conclusion of a sitting or gathering ... etc43
187For concluding all sittings43 and 44
18880Returning a supplication of forgiveness44
18981Said to one who does you a favor44
19082Protection from the Dajjal44
19183Said to one who pronounces his love for you, for Allaah's sake44 and 45
19284Said to one who has offered you some of his wealth45
19385Said to the debtor when his debt is settled45
19486For fear of shirk45
19587Returning a supplication after having bestowed a gift or charity upon someone45
19688Forbiddance of ascribing things to omens46
19789Said when mounting an animal or any means of transport46
19890For travel46 and 47
19991Upon entering a town or village ... etc47
20092When entering the market47
20193When the mounted animal (or means of transport) stumbles47 and 48
20294Dua of the traveller for the resident48
203 and 20495Dua of the resident for the traveller48
20596Remembrance while ascending or descending48
20697Prayer of the traveller as dawn approaches48
20798Stopping or lodging somewhere48 and 49
20899While returning from travel49
209100What to say upon receiving pleasing or displeasing news49
210 to 212101Excellence of sending prayers upon the Prophet saw49
213 to 215102Excellence of spreading the islamic greeting49 and 50
216103Upon hearing a rooster crow or the braying of an ass50
217104Upon hearing the barking of dogs at night50
218105Said to one you have insulted50
219106Etiquette of praising a fellow muslim50
220107Said between the Yemeni corner and the black stone ( at the Ka3abah)50
221108Said when at Mount Safa and Mount Marwa50 and 51
222109The Day of 3Arafah51
223110At the Sacred Site ( Al Mash3ar al Haraam)51
224111When Throwing each pebble at the Jamaraat51
225112At the black stone51
226113Made against an enemy51 and 52
227114When in fear of a people52
228 and 229115In times of amazement and delight52
230116What to do upon receiving pleasant news52
231117What to say and do when feeling some pain in the body52
232118When in fear of afflicting something or someone with one's eye52 and 53
233119Etiquette of retiring for the night53
234120The Talbiyah53
235121When Startled53
236122Said to a kaafir who sneezes53
237123Returning a greeting to a kaafir53
238124When insulted while fasting53
239125When slaughtering or offering a sacrifice53
240126Said to ward off the deception of the obstinate shaytaan53 and 54
241 to 246127Seeking forgiveness and repentance54 and 55
247 to 260128Excellence of remembrance and glorification of Allaah55 to 57
261129How the Prophet (saw) made tasbeeH57

Rabi al Awwal 1423

AbdurRahman Meda
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mp3 audio Re: Hisn Al Muslim - Text, Translation, Transliterations, Audio

Can also be found here:

...with individual audio files here:
Sahih al-Bukhari No. 6057. Narrated Aisha (ra):The Prophet was asked, "What deeds are loved most by Allah?" He said, "The most regular constant deeds even though they may be few." He added, 'Don't take upon yourselves, except the deeds which are within your ability." Reciter: al-Ajmy...Surah al-Faatihah - (The Opening: First Chapter of the Quran) (The text) | Ayatul Kursee (reciter: as-Shuraym; Tafseer;)

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Abu Abdur-Rahmaan
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Posts: 4,332
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Default Re: Hisn Al Muslim - Text, Translation, Transliterations, Audio

Individual mp3s...
Sahih al-Bukhari No. 6057. Narrated Aisha (ra):The Prophet was asked, "What deeds are loved most by Allah?" He said, "The most regular constant deeds even though they may be few." He added, 'Don't take upon yourselves, except the deeds which are within your ability." Reciter: al-Ajmy...Surah al-Faatihah - (The Opening: First Chapter of the Quran) (The text) | Ayatul Kursee (reciter: as-Shuraym; Tafseer;)

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