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Default The Sinners of Ahl-Sunnah ? Shaykh Mu?ammad ibn H?d?/Translated by Ab? al-?asan M?lik ?dam al-Akh?ar

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Shaykh Mu?ammad ibn H?d? Refutes the Principle
Of Those who Remove the Sunn? from Salafiyyah due to Fisq (Sins)

Translated by Ab? al-?asan M?lik ?dam al-Akh?ar
Our Shaykh Mu?ammad ibn H?d? (Hafithahullaah) says:
“Sa’?d ibn Jubayr states—listen to this Athar (narration)—for indeed it refutes some of those who speak today. Sa’?d ibn Jubayr (Rahimahullaah) says—and the author (i.e. Ibn Ba??ah d. 387H) mentions it here in al-Ib?nah, which is before us, under number eighty-nine. So whoever desires to see it, then it is there. He states:
“For my son to companion a f?siq (sinner), sh??ir (criminal) who is Sunn? is more beloved to me than for him to companion a devout worshipper from the people of innovation.”*
If your son companioned someone who smoked cigarettes or drank intoxicants, it is better than him companioning a R?fi??, because the R?fi?? will misguide him from the foundation of his religion. As for here (i.e. with the Sunn? sinner), he remains upon the foundation of Sunnah, Taw??d and al-Im?n. This is disobedience, and the affair of sin is less than innovation, not to mention Shirk. We seek refuge in All?h from that.
So this statement from this noble Tabi’?, the student of Ibn ‘Abb?s (RadiAllaahu anhu), states: “For my son—” his son, if he companioned a f?siq, sh??ir, and the sh??ir is one who wearied his people from wickedness. “For my son to companion a f?siq, sh??ir Sunn?—” The point is look how he preferred his son to accompany—if this took place, and refuge is sought with All?h, but if this evil took place, for his son to accompany a person who was a f?siq (sinner), sh??ir (criminal), however, he was a Sunn? in his ‘Iqtiq?d (belief) would have been better than him accompanying whom? one who was a devout worshipper from the people of innovation. So has the innovator benefited from his worship? This is from the greatest of refutations upon the one who says: “Indeed it is an error and a deficiency in understanding to believe that the Sunn? or the Salaf? is the one who has established the ‘Itiq?d (belief) of Ahl-Sunnah, but has not given heed to the Isl?mic character and manners and so on.” [With him] this is a deficiency in understanding. So Sa’?d ibn Jubayr and all of the Salaf had a deficiency in their understanding, everyone besides him (i.e. the one who stated this)—Mashallah.
[This individual states]: “Indeed it is a deficiency in understanding to believe that the Sunn? or the Salaf? is the one who has established the ‘Itiq?d (belief) of Ahl-Sunnah, but he has not given heed to Isl?mic character and good manners and has not given the Muslims their mutual rights.” However, Sa’?d ibn Jubayr says: “For my son to companion a f?siq (sinner), sh??ir—” and we have already stated that the sh??ir, according to the earlier generations, was one who wearied his people from wickedness; and with this Sa’?d ibn Jubayr said what about him? “Sunn?.” F?siq, sh??ir, Sunn?; thus his fisq (sinfulness) and his criminality did not remove him from the Sunnah; however, with this doctor, no, he is not Sunn? until he has established good character and manners. May these degrees perish if they do not bring about true knowledge. These degrees are of no benefit; what is of importance is what is in accordance with the speech of the scholars, the Im?ms of guidance.
Did you hear the statement of Sa’?d? Open up the book in front of you, under number eighty-nine. “For my son to companion a criminal sinner who is Sunn?—” Did fisq remove him from from Ahl-Sunnah in the sight of Sa’?d? Therefore, the Im?ms of the Sunnah named them “Fuss?q Ahl-Sunnah (the sinners of Ahl-Sunnah). And fisq is part of his practice, but his creed is what? Sunn?. He did not leave the Sunnah. Nevertheless, this one today says: “This is a deficiency in understanding to believe that the Sunn? or the Salaf? is the one who has established the ‘Itiq?d—” Notice the word “established.” What does it mean? He established the ‘Itiq?d (belief) of Ahl-Sunnah: Taw??d al-‘Ib?dah, Taw??d al-Rububiyyah, Taw??d al-Asm? wa ?if?t; he established all of this, but he has fallen short in the area of Isl?mic manners, character and conduct; there remains a deficiency in him. This one is not Salaf? with him (i.e. the one who made this statement). The Salaf spoke the truth, and these individuals have lied!
This is the saying of Sa’id ibn Jubayr. So therefore, sitting with the people of desires is evil, and companioning them is a grave danger. You witness the f?siq smoking, and you approach him and say: “O brother, smoking is harmful to your health and your religion.” He will respond: “Supplicate to All?h to guide us.” He will not say to you that it is ?al?l (permissible). You approach him after drinking intoxicants, and he will say: “Supplicate to All?h to guide us.” You approach him while listening to music, and we have witnessed this many times, and this has occurred with those to whom we have addressed: “My son, music is ?ar?m, impermissible.” He responds: “Supplicate for us. We are youth; pray that All?h guides us.” He acknowledges that it is an error; however, the person of innovation, he is the one who calls you and sees you to be upon misguidance. So there is a difference between the innovator and the f?siq. The f?siq will not oppose you in that which is considered ?ar?m, but the innovator will see you to be upon other than what he is upon, and he sees that which he is upon as the true Religion. We seek refuge in All?h from this.”
Taken from his class of Shar? al-Ib?nah al-Sughr? by Ibn Ba??ah (lesson no. 4). Refer to
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